Enerzone corportate history

The story of SBI - Stove Builder International Inc., manufacturer of the Enerzone brand, began in 1875. SBI, a Quebec-based company, became active in several areas, including foundry work and the manufacture of elevators. It was only much later, in 1978, that it began making stoves and fireplaces. During the 1980s, the company sold off several divisions and in 1988 it changed ownership. By this time, SBI was specializing solely in the manufacture of stoves, fireplaces and other custom-made metal products. It became insolvent in 1996.

SBI was thereupon bought by a group of investors headed by Mr. Rolland Veilleux. In mid-1999, this group sold a majority share to the Cantin family, which was looking for an investment opportunity in manufacturing, especially one that would allow it to take on a more active role in the day-to-day management of operations.

Our company is today one of the largest manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces in North America. All the pieces are in place to meet the needs of our dealer network and to ensure our sustained growth.